Yoga classes with Ann Marina
Demonstration of Yoga Poses by student Kate Ireland and Instructor Ann Marina.
Yoga is an ancient philosophy, and a system of exercises for maintaining good health. It combines breathing, stretching, and relaxation, to help one feel more focused and fit in mind and body.

Hundreds of clinics and hospital centers now offer yoga training to help people manage chronic pain and stress.

Ann Marina teaches Yoga, Meditation, and Tai Chi classes across the United States from Alaska to Florida.

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Yoga poses should be supervised by a Yoga Instructor.
Yoga Eagle Pose by Kate
Kate and the Yoga Tree Pose
Kate and Yoga Eagle Pose
Eagle Pose
Tree Pose by Kate Ireland
Eagle Pose
Yoga Warrior Pose by Kate
Yoga Half Moon pose by Kate
Yoga Downward Dog Pose by Kate
Warrior Pose
Half Moon Pose
Downward Dog
Yoga Rag Doll Pose by Kate
Yoga Camel Pose by Kate
Yoga Cobra Pose by Kate
Rag Doll
Camel Pose
Cobra Pose
Yoga One Legged T Pose by Kate
Triangle Pose by Kate
Yoga Lord of the Dance Pose by Kate
One Legged "T" Pose
Triangle Pose
Lord of the Dance
Kate and the Shoulder Stand
Dawn doing the incredible Scorpion Pose
Kate and the Bridge Pose
Shoulder Stand
The Scorpion Pose by Dawn
Bridge Pose
Kate and the Half Spinal Twist
Yoga Extended Lateral Pose by Kate
Yoga Bend to the Side Pose by Kate
Half Spinal Twist
Extended Lateral
Bend to the Side
Ann Instructing Kate in the Exalted Warior Pose
Ann Demonstrates the Prayer Twist
Yoga Prayer Twist Pose by Kate
Ann and Kate Demonstrate the Exalted Warrior Pose

Ann Marina Demonstrates the Prayer Twist

The Prayer Twist
Ann Demonstrates the Boat Pose
Yoga Boat Pose by kate
Ann Instructs Fun Yoga Classes
Ann Marina Demonstrates the Boat Pose
The Boat Pose
Ann Marina Instructs Fun Yoga Classes
Ann Demonstrates the Plow Pose
Yoga Lunge Pose by Kate
Yoga Child's Pose by Kate
Ann Demonstrates the Plow Pose
Child Pose
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