I became an Alaskan forty years ago to experience the exciting work and life in the wildness of this State. I worked as an electrical, process instrumentation, and vibration analysis contractor around the state.

Then to hunt, fish, hike, boat, and fly to my hearts content. Wildlife and the wilderness is a major part of our lives.

We built on a lake where animals, bird life, and the Alaska wild scene is an every day experience. This means never taking enough photographs of moose, birds, sunrises, sunsets, and of course the changing landscape of our lake.

To properly capture our vision of Alaska, we have taken up the painting, drawing, printmaking, computer programming, web design, and sculpture being taught at the Kenai Peninsula College.

We are exhibiting art everywhere. We always look forward to a visit to our villages, camps, lakes, rivers, and the ocean that almost surrounds us. We delight in showing our visitors and guests our Alaska. Seeing them filled with awe and taking home with them a part of our life here.

Our short growing season bursts with renewed life in our gardens and hothouses. This gives us the best possible produce, berries, and the thrill of growing these ourselves. We find we occasionally share the fruit of our labors with our wildlife friends. Not always to our benefit, but we do understand.

Clayton Hillhouse