Alaska Wildlife Art Paintings Gallery

Alaska Wildlife Artist April Barnt  in Her Alaska  Art Studio


April Barnt uses a Water Color Drybrush Technique to obtain the fine details for which her Alaska wildlife art paintings are famous.

Click on the partial view of the print "Wolves" at the left to see the fine detail in April's work.

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Alaska wildlife art paintings.
These Alaska Wildlife Art Paintings are Being Created Now ! These paintings will be for sale soon.
Click on any picture below to see a larger picture of the painting.
Click again on the larger picture to see a close-up and the fine details in the picture.
Polar Bear with Cubs painting by April Barnt
Loons Family painting by April Barnt
Alaska wildlife art painting
"Alaska Polar Bear with Cubs"
Alaska wildlife art painting
"Family of Alaska Loons"
(being painted now)
Sea Otters Painting
Brown Bear and Brooks Falls Salmon painting by April Barnt
Alaska wildlife art painting
"Sea Otters with Kelp"
Alaska wildlife art painting
"Alaska Brown Bear and Brooks Falls Salmon"
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